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Open since 1970, the Tujurmivik Hotel is 100% Inuit family owned. Boasting a home atmosphere, you'll be welcomed in with home cooked meals including fresh baked bread, special meals for vegetarians, and traditional Inuit food on request. We have a common living and dining room that offers 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Famous for: Mary's special arctic char, Bannock (traditional Inuit Bread), Arctic Char Pizza, and on special request: try our traditional Inuit food, such as, Igunaq (aged walrus),Aiviiq (walrus),Nanook (polar bear),Natiiq (seal),Ugjuk (bearded seal), Tuktu (frozen caribou), Qilalugaq (belugas/narwhal),We also do catering and group reservations for any special occasions.The community of Igloolik is located on a small Island on the northeastern corner of Melville Peninsula 75 Kilometres north of Hall Beach and 870 kilometres north west of Iqaluit. Igloolik is the most traditional Inuit Community in Nunavut and one of the oldest.